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Pyschological Crisis

Psychological Resources

Students: Student Counseling Center (SCC) x8331
Faculty and Staff : Staff and Faculty Consultation Center (SFCC) x8360
Violent Person or Threat of Violence:  Security x5000

Emergency Procedures

  IF Then
Threatneing Behavior

A person exhibits high levels of irrtability, including unruly aggressive or violent behavior


There is a threat to harm a people or property


Remain calm.  Explain clearly what behavior is acceptable and set limits.

 Get necessary help. Call ext 5000

Non-Threatening Behavior

A person makes overtly suicidal comments (e.g. referring to suicide as a current option)


A person is experiencing impaired or garbled speech, disjointed thought, bizarre or strange behavior that is obviously inappropriate to the situation (e.g. talking to invisible people)


The person does not appear to be a threat

Take the person away from distractions and speak with him or her in private

Have a plan in place before speaking to the Person in a calm voice

Listen with warmth, concern, and a desire to understand the person's point of view

Respond with understanding and reason

Be firm and clear in your communications

Share you concern and belief that he or she needs help

Tell the person that you would like assistance in helping them by calling SFCC x8360 or SCC x8331

What to Avoid

  • Threatening, daring, taunting, pushing, or touching the person
  • Arguing or challenging the rationality of the person’s thinking
  • Colluding with his or her fantasy, delusion, or hallucination
  • Dominating, pressuring or making demands of the person