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Lockdown Alert


A Lockdown is implemented when there is an active threat of violence on campus.  During a lockdown, all individuals are to remain secured in place until Law Enforcement or a Caltech Alert advises that the situation has been resolved.  Lockdowns are intended to keep individuals away from a dangerous situation while allowing emergency personnel to contain and handle the threat.

Upon Notification to Lock down:


  • Secure the space that you are in. If there are no locks, consider barricading the door
  • If you are outside and alerted to Lockdown, enter the closest possible building
  • If it is safe to do so, share the building with those campus members seeking shelter. Look for Caltech ID’s and/or uniforms but always use your judgment.
  • Close and lock any windows
  • Pull blinds


  • Minimize noise
  • Keep cell phones turned on but put them on silent mode
  • Turn down ringers on desk phones
  • Unplug speakers on computers or audio equipment
  • Reduce or turn off lights to make yourself less visible in the building


  • Remain in a secure location and wait for instructions from emergency personnel or an official source such as the Caltech Alert Emergency Notification system before exiting the building


Communications During a Lockdown Event

  • Notification to lockdown can come from various sources however the Caltech Emergency Notification system will be used as a primary communication tool.
  • Always alert or share necessary safety information with other people in your building or location
  • If you have pertinent information about the emergency or need assistance call ext 5000 or send an email to Please consider that by making a phone call you may be audible to a perpetrator.