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Utility Failure

Utility Failure

Power Outage

  • Secure any critical operations
  • Close fumehood sashes
  • Close all doors
  • Follow the evacuation procedure
  • Perform Critical Operations or Equipment Shutdown procedures if applicable

Gas Leak

  • Report all natural gas odors to the Facilities Management Service Center at x4717
  • Turn off all potential sources of ignition
  • Provide pertinent information to emergency response personnel


  • Report any flooding to Facilities Management x4717
  • Avoid contact with electrical equipment
  • Provide pertinent information to emergency response personnel

Elevator Failure

  • If in an elevator when it breaks down, use the elevator telephone or alarm button to summon assistance
  • If an elevator stops during a power failure, remain calm. Facilities Management personnel check all elevators for stranded riders
  • Do not attempt to pry open the elevator doors or use the overhead hatch
  • Report all elevator problems to Facilities Management at x4717

Telephone System Failure

  • If no dial tone on campus phones, try fax or modem lines
  • If modem or fax lines work, restrict use to essential calls only
  • Report all telephone system failures to Telecommunications at x5995