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Chemical or Biological Spill

Chemical or Biological spill clean-up should only be performed by trained and experienced personnel. Spill clean-up material and personal protective equipment should be located in each laboratory.

Chemical Spill

Major Spill

      • Attend to any injured or contaminated people. Alert others in the lab about the spill
      • Flush any skin or eye contamination with water for at least 15 minutes
      • During office hours contact the Environment, Health and Safety Office (EHS) x6727. All other times call Security at x5000 and request EHS assistance
      • Notify the Principal Investigator
      • Confine the spill area and limit access
      • If flammable material is involved, turn off all sources of ignition
      • If life safety is threatened, follow the evacuation procedure
      • Provide pertinent information to emergency response personnel

Minor Spill

      • Alert people in the area that a spill has occurred
      • Limit access to the affected area
      • Wear protective clothing (safety glasses, disposable gloves, labcoat) during clean-up
      • Absorb the spill with the appropriate material
      • Dispose of all contaminated material as hazardous waste
      • Call the Environment, Health and Safety Office x6727 if assistance is needed

Biological Spill

    • Isolate the spill area for at least 30 minutes to allow any bioaerosols to settle
    • Alert people in the immediate area of the spill
    • Wear protective clothing (disposable gloves, shoe covers, and a face shield) during clean-up
    • Cover the spill with paper towels or other absorbent material
    • Pour a freshly prepared solution of 1:10 dilution of household bleach to water on the spill. Be careful to avoid any splashing
    • Allow a 20 minute contact period with the bleach solution
    • Use paper towels to clean-up the spill working from the edge to the center
    • Dispose of all contaminated material in a red biohazardous waste container for pick-up by EHS