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Major Spill

Personnel contamination or large areas affected

    • Attend to injured or contaminated persons and remove them from the contaminated area
    • Alert people to vacate the laboratory.  Prevent others from entering the contaminated area.
    • Monitor personnel for contamination
    • Remove contaminated clothing.  If skin is contaminated, flush thoroughly with water and gently wash with a mild, non-abrasive soap.  Do not scrub.
    • Confine movement of all potentially contaminated personnel to prevent further spread of contamination
    • Notify the Environment, Health and Safety Office (EHS) at x6727.  If after office hours, call x5000 and ask for EHS assistance
    • Notify the Principal Investigator
    • Assist EHS personnel in evaluation and decontamination

Minor Spill

Contamination to small area and no personnel contamination

    • Alert people in the area that a spill has occurred
    • Monitor personnel and remove any contaminated clothing
    • Limit access to the affected area
    • Cover liquid spill with absorbent paper or pads.  Place damp towels over spills of dry powder
    • Call the Environment, Health and Safety Office at x6727 if assistance is needed
    • Wear protective clothing (disposable gloves and labcoat) during clean-up
    • Use appropriate survey instruments
    • Dispose of all contaminated material as radioactive waste

Note: Regardless of the size of the spill, take all reasonable precautions to limit the spread of radioactive contamination.  Prevent spread by confining movement of people until they have been monitored and found free of contamination.

Radiation Producing Machines

  • Turn Off Machine. If possible, de-energize circuit breaker
  • Notify EHS at x6727. If after office hours, call x5000 and ask for EHS assistance
  • Notify the laboratory supervisor and/or the Principal Investigator
  • Record all pertinent information about the incident including:
    • Operating voltage and current
    • Exposure time
    • Distance from the radiation source