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Bomb Threat


Typically, bomb threats are extremely rare; however, some bomb threats are received in the form of emails or handwritten messages. Most bomb threats are received by telephone. The person receiving the message or telephone call should remain calm and obtain as much information as possible by using the checklist below.  Do not hang up the phone, even if they do. It may help trace the caller’s location.  Use another phone, or signal a colleague to immediately call Campus Security at 626 395 5000.  Inform them of the situation with as much information as is available; specifically the location of device and time of possible detonation. Inform your immediate supervisor after informing Security.
Bomb Threat Reporting
  • Note the exact initial words of the caller:
  • Specific questions (record answers exactly as spoken by the caller)
  • Where is the bomb?
  • What time is the bomb set to go off?
  • What kind of bomb is it?  What does it look like?
  • Who are you?  Whom do you represent?  
  • Why did you place the bomb? 
  • Please repeat what you have told me to make sure I understand you.
  • Note the exact closing words of the caller:  
  • Note the time the caller hung up: 
  • Description of the caller’s voice:   Young/Old      Familiar      Approx. Age
  • Voice:  Pitch – High/Medium/Low     Excited        Accent        Speech ImpedimentNote any background noise, i.e., traffic, radio, tv
  • Provide your name and number on which call was recieved to Security

If threat is left on voice mail, retain/save the message for Investigation.