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October 26, 2016 1:50 PM

Caltech Ready Has Been Upgraded!

What's Changed with Caltech Ready?

Navigation is more user friendly and intuitive. Reports and plans can now be viewed on-screen, and the application can be access through your mobile device.

Plans Screen

You no longer have to click through multiple welcome screens to access the Plans screen. It is now the first page you access when you log in. You can get back to it from any screen in the application by clicking either the logo at the top left or the Plans link in the global navigation

Plan Navigation

Navigation for individual plans in Ready is all on the left side, rather than across the top, down the left and in Handylinks. The core plan sections are the same as the old version of Ready and in the same order. Links related to managing the plan are in the top most section (Plan Details), followed by the links to actual plan content. For quick access, the Action Items Summary link has been moved within the Plan Details section of the navigation. The updated navigation has expanding and contracting menus that will consistently highlight your current location within the application.

Plan View

In the old application you had to generate a PDF in order to view a plan. You can now view plans directly on the screen by selecting the Print PDF icon within the guidance panel on any page within a plan. You will then get an in application view of the plan and you can also print the PDF from that view. 

Edit and View Modes

All plans now have two modes of presenting content: Edit and View modes. From the Plans page select the view or edit icons to open a plan in that mode. You can switch between modes at any time using the icons within the guidance panel.  

Manage Plan Access

When you create a plan, you’re automatically assigned the Plan Manager role, which replaces the Gatekeeper role in the old system. Plan Managers can use the Manage Plan Access link in the plan navigation to add other users, including additional Plan Managers, to plans. There are three user roles for plans. Plan Managers can view and edit plans and Manage Plan Access. Plan Editors can view and edit plans. Plan Viewers can view plans, but cannot edit them.


Ready allows you to add documents using drag and drop functionality. When you click an uploaded document, it will open in a browser window if the file type doesn’t need to be opened in a separate application.

Drag and drop ordering

Some of the list content can be rearranged to change the order of list items. This content is indicated by an icon with up and down arrows.


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