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During an emergency, official information will be posted on the Caltech website.

Caltech Alerts

During an emergency multiple methods of communication will be utilized to alert students, staff, faculty and visitors about a hazardous or dangerous situation on Campus. One important method of communication is the Caltech Emergency Notification System.

Caltech Alerts can notify subscribers using four communication methods:

  • Voice calls/messages to your home, work and mobile phones
  • An e-mail to your primary e-mail address
  • An SMS text message to your mobile phone
  • Alerts to the Everbridge  App

We encourage everyone to register to receive alerts. Please remember to periodically revisit the site to ensure your contact information is correct.

Mobile App

Everbridge's mobile app  will give you the ability to communicate via text and the send photographs of suspicious persons/activities directly to Security Dispatch.

Instructions for Registering for Caltech Alerts and downloading the App are provided below.

Emergency Communications and Everbridge App instructions (PDF)